Porn Star Karaoke…the saga begins…

Porn Star Karaoke…I thought it was just a myth….I’d heard about, read an occasional add, heard the rumors….but was I really ready to hit up XXX PSK?  Luckily, a bunch of rad chicks I know hyped it up to the extent that I figured I couldn’t miss it. 

XXX PSK is everything you might hope it would be and more.  There are porn stars, free porn giveaways, people singing Karaoke – which always has it’s highlights – and the pantiless limbo contest.  Seriously, throw some friends and drinks into the mix and how fucking bad can it be?  Plus the Karaoke hostess was a hottie who rapped a flawless version of an Eminem cover…impressive!! 

And while I hate participating in Karaoke – it’s painful when you like the feel of a live band behind you – and can be mighty unforgiving when you fuck up a song – it has it’s entertaining qualities.  There is always the singers that think they can sing, but really shouldn’t quit their day jobs.  Then there are the occasional singers that you just don’t see coming that blow you away and revalidate the art of Karaoke. 

I signed up to sing my infamous rendition of “Me and Bobby McGee” Janis Joplin style, but it just got too late and I went home before I turned into a pumpkin and didn’t actually get to sing at all. 

Luckily, however, I had already fed my spirit and fattened my ego earlier in the night in Beverly Hills at “Aqua” where I was invited out to participate in “A Capella Do Wop” night which resembled more of an evening at the Apollo.  And I’m thinking what the hell is this white girl doing here….I’m pretty sure the crowd was thinking that too.  My forte being harmonies though, I hopped up on stage and seemlessly integrated my vocal stylings into the 4-part harmony – holy shit – this white girl found a 5th harmony…..  Then comes my time to sing alone – A Capella – I’m feverishly searching my memory banks for any number of songs I’ve sung a thousand times, and coming up short on lyrics…..seems they all have disappeared from my head as I’ve replaced them with new songs….and I’m thinking to myself why the hell can’t I remember “Heard it Through the Grapevine” – I’ve only sung it 4,000 times…..and I’m feeling only slightly out of my element as it is…it’s clearly a tough room.  So, I muster up the most soulful thing I can think of – “Mercedes Benz” – sing it Janis.  Now, I gage a good performance by one person telling me it was cool – if I reach one person, I think damn, I did alright – if I reach a few – that’s a really good night.  But tonight, I’m high-fiving a train of people, and no less than 20 people stop me to “sing” my praises…I left with business cards and TV show offers…damn, not bad – and I couldn’t even remember the second verse…..


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