So Much to do…So Little Time…

What to do on a Tuesday night….done the XXX PSK, how much porn can one take…besides – you don’t want to be considered a “regular” at XXX PSK – people might get the wrong impression.  So instead, I meet up with my friend JayaR to dish music, how inhibitions control the overpopulation of the World, the Albertson’s meat department, and whatnot. Smoke a little more JayaR, and let’s see what else we can philosophize….

So we play a little music, discuss the future course of the music industry and our illustrious places in it, and JayaR suggests let’s hit “live band karaoke at the lesbian bar” What? Well, ok, why not….the band’s karaoke list is short – maybe 50 songs to choose from and most of them are either “Phish” songs, or songs that “Phish” has covered. JayaR, in true rock star fashion, however hops up and does his rendition of Warren G’s “recognize?” “regulate?” “desecrate?” Who knows, something or other….and although vaguely familiar, because the band played it so slowly, it could have really been any number of songs. In fact, JayaR covering that song was the only entertaining part of the night….the rest of the night was so painful, I think my ears started to bleed a little…and there were only 2 lesbians…and not of the lipstick variety.

So, what next? Hmmm, it’s only 10:15 or so, we must be able to come up with something to do. “Why not go downtown to some strange loft in the middle of the city and watch artists draw nude models?” JayaR quips – well why the hell not….so off we go. The whole way there, JayaR is beat-boxing in the passenger seat and I’m trying to come up with some old songs to sing along. We bust out a chorus or two of “Killing Me Softly,” and then I throw “Missionary Man” at him and we continue as we get outta the car with a little “Chain of Fools” – I’m pretty sure someone offered to rep us as we were walking down the street. I remember giggling about something that guy said, but I was too busy singing at the top of my lungs. I’m sure people thought we were crazy….we fit right in. At least people don’t typically mug you when they think you’re insane.

So into the loft we go…what the hell do we have here?

       Airstream Vintage Silver Trailer serving french fries and stuff – Check
       Semi-nude cowgirls posing for a roomful of artists – Check
       Fully stocked bar and complimentary cheez-its – Check
       Hookah lounge full of beatniks – Check
       Guy in a wheelchair poking holes thru a canvas with a screwdriver – Check
       Vintage country music via DJ and live performance – Check
       The Etch-A-Sketch Man etching the semi-nude cowgirls – Check
       The smell of flavored tobacco and pot – Check
       Bathroom reminiscent of “Trainspotting” – Check
       Chicks sticking their semi-nude crotches into JayaR’s face on their breaks – Check

What more could I possibly ask for from a Tuesday night?


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