Day Trippin’

Taryn says “let’s get some folks together and go to Santa Barbara for the day.”  “Why not,” I say, “I’m in!” 

 Target destination: Santa Barbara, California

10:00 a.m. – time of departure (hang out and wait for Meg..I’m sure she’ll be late to her own funeral)
10:45-11:00 – closer to time of departure (hey, we got side tracked)
11ish-1ish – stop for lunch, gas up the Jeep (how’d ya’ like those codfish croquettas Taryn?)
1:15-actual time of departure (well better late than never)
2:30 or so – realize we’ve gone 25 miles +/- out of our way and turn around (crap that’s gonna slow us down)
3:15-flat tire (fuck the entire tire came off the rim…that’s really gonna slow us down)
3:20-Dayn valiantly tries to change tire only to determine all the pieces to the jack aren’t conveniently located in my Jeep
3:25-Call to AAA to effectuate the change of the tire.
3:43-AAA shows up right on time and has us back on the road by 4:00 (Meg look at the abs on that fucking tow truck guy)
4:00-too late to go to Santa Barbara, how `bout Venice Beach (why not?)
4:45-pit stop at Taryn’s (my how sleepy we all are, and we haven’t done anything yet)
5:00-how `bout ice cream on Hollywood and Highland (Stone Cold Creamery it is)
6ish-mission aborted (head home to take a nap)
6:15 (or so)- reportedly Dayn falls asleep not to be heard of again until 8:30am the next morning.

So let’s see….

Lunch $0.00 (thanks for buyin’ Dayn)
Gas $0.00 (thanks for buyin’ Jeff even though you didn’t know you did)
New Tire $125.00 (sigh…oh well, shit happens)
Ice Cream $17.00  (but wasn’t it yummicious)
Cost of taking day trip to Santa Barbara (sorta) with rock star friends?  PRICELESS!


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