Ramble On

It’s funny who we meet in life…who crosses our paths at what seem like insignificant moments.  But why do they cross our paths when they do?  What lessons are we to learn from them…or what lessons are we to teach?

There are no coincidences so “they” say.  There are not random encounters.  We meet people at the exact cosmic moment we are supposed to.  But why?  That is always the eternal question.  I know who I’ve helped…helped to learn about their place in the universe, helped guide on their journey, helped to look at things a different way.  In turn, they’ve helped me as well.  I’ve gotten off my own path a couple of times, discontinued my own journey to help others…I know this about me.  But I also know I learned from doing this.  I’m sure I didn’t get it at the time, but I certainly understand it now.  It’s always so much easier to look back in from the outside then to understand the how and why at the moment. 

There are the people that breeze through your life on a day to day basis, there are those that linger around for a few years or a decade and then disappear, and those who come into your life and never leave…the one’s that leave such a lasting impression that they are destined to accompany you on your journey to the end.  The ones that visit you in your dreams and make you wake up and say “dammit…gotta call that bastard and see how he’s doing.”  The ones who pick up the phone when you call and say “OMG I was just thinking about you.”

I’ve met some interesting characters on my journey thus far.  Artists, (tragic, tormented and insecure); Musicians, (narcissistic and insecure), a Shark Wrestler, (who is both vain and insecure); beautiful women who are so insecure about their physical appearance that they don’t realize how truly beautiful they are (although I am not one to throw stones having once been one of those women); a Vietnam vet who confided in me his deepest darkest secrets and fears; a woman who was pronounced clinically dead for 6 hours and woke up on a morgue slab with a toe tag; an attorney so brilliant he couldn’t change a light bulb with written directions and a diagram; a dentist who liked to put human teeth in mounted fish (he he he, Fred); people with more money than they knew what to do with so all they did was worry about not having it; people so worried about what might happen, that they forgot to enjoy what was happening; people so jaded that they can’t see any beauty left in the World. 

The insecurities of others are attracted to me like a moth to a flame.  And my role, I’ve learned, is to help people look at things a different way.  To help people learn to count their blessings, not their money…to live in the now, not the what if…to appreciate the simple pleasures in life…to take a negative and develop it into a positive picture.  But we are all insecure in our own way.  I was forced to face my own insecurities this past couple of weeks.  They were brought to the surface by what I thought was a random coincidence.  I placed blame, I threw stones…but in the end, what I was reflecting on was my own insecurities…my own fears and I try my best not to live my life in fear.  I had to sit back and look at it all a different way…meh, in the end I learned what I already knew about myself…I am secure in my own skin, comfortable with who I am, where I’ve been, and confident in where I’m going.  Maybe I just needed a reminder.

The World is a beautiful place, full of color and its colorful characters.  We get so wrapped up in our daily routines that we forget to stop and look around…smell the night jasmine in the air…see the beauty of the full moon…wonder at the hummingbird buzzing out the window at that perfectly bloomed vibrant pink flower…appreciate the unknown and wonder of the surf crashing against the perfect sand…the dolphin that surfaces for just a moment to restore (my) faith in the universe. 

I laughed with friends last night…friends that may not have found themselves in a room together under different circumstances.  But friends I have met for a reason…a reason that doesn’t need to reveal itself now.  It was inspiring…we fed off each others creativity.  I have undoubtedly met them for a reason, and they have undoubtedly met me for some reason as well.    I’ve met some other new people recently too, some I’m sure I’ve known before lifetimes ago.  What lessons to teach?  What lessons to learn?

Who knows why we meet who we meet when we meet them.  We cannot change our past no matter how fast we run.  We must carry it with us…and take from it the decisions we made, the roads we traveled, the joy, the sorrow, the smiles, the pain, the heartbreak, and the lessons we have learned.  We must never forget the people we meet or the significant role they play in our learning process, no matter how big or small it is or was.  We must be thankful for the people that played a significant role that still remain in our lives and continue to make us smile or brighten our day.  They were cast in our lives for a reason.


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