Birthday Muse

Thankfully, every year, my friend Lara has a birthday.  It seems that every year I challenge myself to come up with something sassy to make for her and every year I spin off a business from it. 

It all started a few years back when I made her a tank top with a little hand painted beaver on it.  She took one look at it and said “Why not Beaver Panties?” Fucking WHY NOT BEAVER PANTIES!  From that Beaver Bloomers were born.  I whipped up a prototype and a crude one page website and a week later I was poised on a red carpet promoting Beaver Bloomers for an Mtv3 show called “Karlifornia”.   


From there Beaver Bloomers has gone on to be a proud sponsor of Phil Varone’s Sex Stand Up & Rock n’ Roll Show, as well as cover the bums of various celebrities in and around Hollywood.   You can find Beaver Bloomers at, or


Lucky for me, Lara continues to have birthdays!  This year, inspired by “what the shit fuck am I gonna make Lara”, I came up with “Twisted Mantras”.  Sort of a throwback to the days when we wrote “I will not chew gum in class” on the chalkboard, twisted mantras are edgier, more tongue-in-cheek, thoroughly updated.  I write my “mantras” in a spiral (twisted) pattern on vintage china and then heat infuse them for permanency.  They are affirmations of sorts such as “I am Not a Stalker” “I am Not OCD” “I am Not Obsessed” etc.  Then there are others that I just paint images on.  Twisted Mantras have been featured on and are for sale at


I look forward to celebrating Lara’s birthdays to come…for the obvious reasons, I like my friends to have birthdays…and I like that Lara challenges my creativity.  From hence forth, I will call her my Birthday Muse!

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