The Coveted Etsy Treasury

Etsy Treasuries are hard to come by.  When I first joined Etsy in early 2006, I was able to snag one but it took me till 2009 to figure out how to snag one again.  It’s a very strategic process.  But, luckily, has a Treasury Clock which counts down to the minute when a new Treasury will open on Etsy.  Now, I’m on the watch semi-daily for the elusive “Create a Treasury” button to magically appear when the lists drop just below the 333 mark (or in the Treasury West case just below the 222 mark).  But you have to be AT THE READY…with your theme, or at least a Title ready to go!!  I think very carefully about my theme name…you want something catchy enough to draw traffic to your Treasury…something sassy enough for other viewers to think “what magic could that Treasury possibly hold?”  I’ve come up with such gems as:

“Psycho Meets Vertigo (inspired by Alfred Hitchcock)”
“Alone But Not Lonely (Wandering But not Lost”) [song lyrics of mine] 
“Bizarre Bazaar (a Hodge Podge of Pleasantries)”
“I’m Lost Behind (the words I cannot find)”  [lyrics from my favorite Chris Cornell song]
“Pink as the Bing on your Cherry (and pink cuz you are so very” [which was a collection of pink items for Breast Cancer Awareness month]

I mean I put a lot of thought into these…all in the hopes that I will be magically plucked out of a sea of “orange you glads” and “things that make you go hmmm” to be featured on the coveted Etsy front page.  I realize, however, that people are shocked and blindsided when the button actually appears and the Treasuries open!  I mean, 700 or more people are also at the ready and if you don’t cut n’ paste your well thought out theme title in immediately, you’re out, you’re done…you’re teensy tiny window to the secret Etsy Treasury portal has closed!  That, I imagine, is why you see many “…” and “no time”  titles to treasuries because the button appeared and many are caught like deer in headlights – “Holy Crap there’s the button”.  I also put thought into my second line, whereas many just leave it at the default “a few of my favorites”.  Once you get that main title in, you have PLENTY of time to edit the second line.  And I always tie in my second line to my main title.  I mean I like my entire Treasury to be a nice pretty package, with all the details sewn up.

I post my treasuries to Facebook and Tweet them and contact each Featured Seller to let them know they’ve been popped into a Treasury.  (Although, you can check at anytime on to see if your shop has been featured by someone in a Treasury).  I am also very strategic about my color choices, my treasury “collections”, often times building the entire treasury around a single favorite item.  Sometimes including “secret” messages via specially picked items for friends. 

And yet, with all this strategy, all this clever planning, all this waiting, and all this maneuvering, I still can’t figure out how the hell to get people to look at my lovingly crafted Treasuries!  I try to come up with Treasury names and themes so clever I proudly think to myself, there’s NO WAY Etsy won’t think this is the greatest thing ever and immediately gank it for the front page.  Ahhhhh, but alas, Etsy has not, to date, done so.  And so I sit…and wait…for the “Treasury Open” button to appear…for Etsy to notice my artfully crafted Treasuries…


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