People are Talking…Talking ’bout People

Ok, so the George Clooney Paperdoll started out as a joke.  I work in the movie biz and thought my crafty friends and family would get a kick out of it.  They did…but the more of them I made, the more the word spread, so I decided to put a few up in my Etsy shop.  George (as usual) is causing a stir…

Ms. Modern did a lovely little review of not only my Etsy shop, but George in particular over at her site Ms. Modern:

I found him at Film Experience Blogspot:

He was blogged over at Milano Cookie Aisle where somebody said something nasty about him…to which I respond “bite me”:

He’s linked here:

He’s buzzed about here:

He also recently made a guest appearance (as a giveaway) at “Screenwriter Karaoke” at Sardos in Burbank, and rumor has it the folks over at TMZ were buzzing about him.

The George Clooney Paperdoll is the perfect hostess gift for your Oscar Party.  George will come with not only an invitation to the Oscars, but  various interchangeable accoutrements, including, a bouquet of flowers, a cigar, a martini, a screenplay and an Oscar award, and all appropriately packaged in a popcorn container (envelope).  You can buy him in my Etsy Shop … and 20% of the proceeds will be contributed to George’s “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” through


One thought on “People are Talking…Talking ’bout People

  1. I have no idea where your excessively creative bones come from. I wish I could say it was your mother. It’s NOT. You are amazing, my daughter dear.

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