5-Minute Cleaning Tips to Take you from Shabby EEK back to Shabby Chic!

They say an organized desk is a sign of a sick mind. Hell, I’m probably one therapy visit away from being crowned obsessive compulsive. Being organized keeps my brain uncluttered to tend to all the tasks at hand. All that organization also allows my environment to appear way cleaner than it may actually be.   And I’m not talking about throwing things behind a closet door in a big jumbled mess cuz company showed up impromptu at the door. Everything should have a place, and everything should be in its place. From there, maintenance of your environment is quite simple.

The Bathroom – as long as the counter is clean, the toilet is clean (I wonder if I can invest in Clorox disinfecting wipes stock options?), and the towels are hung and not crumpled on the floor, your bathroom will always “appear” spotless. Sure, the tub may have not been scrubbed for a week and a half, but you can hide that behind a shower curtain.
Total time – under 5 minutes.

The Kitchen – yes, we are not all fortunate enough to have a dishwasher. I lived without one for nearly a decade. Clean the pots n’ pans before you eat, and after dinner clean up won’t seem as painful.
Total time – 5 to 10 minutes before dinner / 5 to 10 minutes after.

The Bedroom – always make the bed. It’s like opening a present, every night.  Total time – with big fluffy comforters, it can take about 60 seconds to make a bed.
Total time – 1 to 5 minutes

Your Closet – it’s really not that hard to hang up your clothes after you take them off for the day. Toss whatever goes in the hamper in the hamper, and hang up the rest and you’ll never have a wrinkled pile of clothes to sort through all over your floor.
Total time – less than 60 seconds.

The Home Office – it takes less than 5 minutes to tidy up a desk. Do it, delegate it or put it away. It’s a simple trick used in your workplace, incorporate the same principal into your home office.
Total time – under 5 minutes.

The Living Room – have a designated basket for newspapers and magazines, a spot where all the remotes go, and another basket for blankets. If everything has its designated place, it’ll be easy to keep a home always looking neat.
Total time – less than 60 seconds.

The Kitchen Counter / Dining Room or Kitchen Table – my personal bone of contention – I can’t stand walking in and seeing a pile of crap on a counter. Have a designated place by the door for your keys, cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, etc … and look at your mail immediately and weed out all the unnecessary junk mail. Do this and you will never have to look at a pile of papers n’ stuff on the counter the second you walk in the door. Total time – approximately 60 seconds.

God Bless you if you have kids – good luck with that… Total time – every remaining moment you have left.  Make no mistake, it may appear that my home is spotless at all times, but believe me there are dust bunnies having a keg party under my couch. While none of these tricks eliminate the need for a proper cleaning, just taking moments a day will make the bigger jobs way less daunting.

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