Say Cheese!

As I sat back and reflected on my collections a bit a few days ago, it dawned on me that I, indeed, have other collections as well, and as usual, this next collection did not start out as a collection either.

I bought a lovely vintage Bell and Howell 8mm Movie Camera for my boyfriend for Christmas on Etsy. He’s an actor and I wanted him to know I support his acting pursuits…plus, I thought it would look rad adorning a bookshelf.

While we were visiting his family that holiday season, we went thrifting (uh yeah, cuz I found a boy who’s parents like to thrift with me) only to find yet another vintage 8mm movie camera. Whoa! What are the chances? Turns out pretty good because throughout my thrifting, I’ve found a myriad of them. In fact, I had to put the stop to the collection once it took over the bookshelf. Well, that is to say, until I find another one I can’t live without.

I’ve seen a lot of vintage camera collections, Pez dispenser collections, paint my number collections, my father’s aforementioned elephant collection.  What kind of collections to you have?


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