Rockin’ Thrift Store Pillow Upcycle

Recently, while perusing through my dresser drawers looking for something specific, I stumbled across something awesome: diamondy encrusted skull tank tops. I hadn’t necessarily forgotten I owned them, they were just something I hadn’t worn in a while. So they sat idly by, as I kept passing them over for other garments.  The matching white and black tank tops, while adorable in their own right, were slightly shorter than I generally like, hence why they were still in the drawer and not on my body. I smiled just the same as I pulled them out … they have sparkly skulls adorning them afterall.

My wardrobe would not be the same without a smattering of skull adorned items and I’ve got plenty. The skulls were too cute to toss, so what’s a thrifty gal like me to do? Upcycle them into something I can enjoy more often then stumbling across them, sadly retired in my dresser drawer!

While on a typical Saturday afternoon yard sale / thrift store jaunt I found two pillows and suddenly I had a plan. I was gonna sew my bedazzled skulls on to these adorable silk pillows and they would go in my living room! I could have my fab skulls out for everyone to see and not feel guilty the tanks had been hiding in a drawer. I did nearly have to wrestle the pillows out of my friend’s hands as she grabbed them declaring “they would look so adorable on my bed”.

I whipped out my supplies … my orange sewing tackle box … yeah, rock stars don’t have sewing baskets.  


Some tracing paper to make a pattern, which I made by outlining a soup bowl. Some zombie green thread, my ol’ tank tops and my recently acquired thrift store pillows.  After laundering my pillows, I snipped n’ stitched.

And that was it – two brand new(ish) pillows rock star style. My guy walked in and exclaimed “where did those come from?” to which I responded, “I just whipped them up faster than Dominos could deliver pizza…which is waiting for you in the kitchen.”


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