Valentines Day Again…Really?!

Sigh…Valentines Day…the day we are led to believe is THE day to share our love with loved ones. While I’m not anti-Valentines Day by any means, I just personally feel that your love for one another, be it a husband, boyfriend, or even your children, should be expressed everyday and not with a giant mylar balloon or velvet rose you nabbed from the corner gas station or from the dude on the side of the road because of the pressure you felt from St. Valentine.

Again, I am not at all anti-Valentines Day. In fact, I still have the Valentine my first love gave me. It didn’t come with a lot of fanfare … maybe a flower of some sort, that his mom undoubtedly bought … I don’t even remember … but it was the card with a little handwritten note inside that made it so special. That gesture alone meant more than anything. Because Valentine’s Day I think is about the gesture. It’s not about the expensive dinner out, or the ginormous bouquet of flowers your boyfriend had delivered because who really put thought into that … him … really? Is that what you think? No way, he scrolled through a gallery of arrangements and picked “just the right one”…he made reservations at a restaurant that everyone else did too…he went to the jewelry store at the mall and got what everyone else will be wearing.

Never in an effort to succumb to the pressure, and while I choose to not participate in the hoopla that comes with Valentines Day, I do share a little token with my loved one. I like to make my Valentines by hand. And not the lace doily kind, more like taping a match to a lil’ card and saying something like “you light my fire valentine”. Cliché perhaps, but handmade just the same.

This year, I purchased an awesome Secret Decoder Card on Etsy from They customize your message and include instructions on how to decode it. I couldn’t believe it took my guy almost the entire message to decode “Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine”.  You don’t need extravagance to show someone you love them, afterall, little things mean a lot!


One thought on “Valentines Day Again…Really?!

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