Bookcase Upcycle

I am no stranger to finding treasures in the trash. My back alley is strewn with all kinds of disposed of items, ripe for the pickin’. I’m not sure if my dog’s unbridled enthusiasm each morning is merely cuz Baxter’s a dog and he’s excited to start his doggie day, or if he knows we are undoubtedly immediately gonna hit the back alley to tend to the day’s morning business… that morning business being “his” or “mine,” is always a blur.

I’m always particularly happy when I find things I can handle with one arm, whilst tending to the pup with the other. So, I was more than thrilled to find a bookcase hangin’ out, waiting for me to gank, from the curb. Having an Ikea centrally located down the street, there is always an array of “I’m done with that” disposable furniture to be found. In this case — a generic gray bookcase in-tact, save for one mismatched black shelf. Typical, but I already saw it transformed in my mind’s eye.

I made a quick trip to the local hardware store, all ready to flirt my way to a tinted can of Kilz basecoat. I hit the guy behind the counter with my typical disclaimer: “I’m not gonna return a $7 can of paint.” I told him, “I’ve done it a myriad of times before.”  While at first he wasn’t quite about it, something about “This primer vs. that primer…” ‘Impossible’ was used several times. “Whatever,” I exclaimed! “Just tint me some primer!” Eventually, I forced my way into a tinted can. While he was reluctantly tinting my primer, I grabbed a can of minwax Polyshades in a mahogany satin finish and was on my way.

It only took one coat of primer to coat the piece completely. Which is good, now I have some on hand for future projects and won’t have to argue at the hardware store for at least another 6-8 weeks. The primer dried within the hour and I applied two coats of the Polyshades finish, letting the first coat dry overnight before I applied the final coat.

For very little investment, time-money-and-energy-wise (save the curmudgeon at the hardware store), I now have a delightfully upcycled bookcase.  The lamp was also found in the trash and I wrapped some remnant ribbon around the shade to give it new life.


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