I found a Board in the Trash

I found a board in the back alley… a seemingly unimpressive 2 x 4(ish) piece of plywood. “Perfect” I thought and quickly snagged it. It sat on my front porch for a year hidden behind the wall and slid out only to barricade my dog. It got rained on, it got moldy. My “perfect” piece of wood was looking less than.

I had intentions, but I was never really solidly sold in my head as to what I was going to paint on this board. I wanted my dog, Baxter, to have some sort of scenery to look at as he was sequestered to the confines of the porch. That’s not to say that he couldn’t just peek his little head above the board and see the goings on in the ‘hood, but I wanted to paint something silly just for him. Perhaps an aquarium…maybe a cityscape…or possibly shrubs…or maybe I could paint the board to mimic the wall. So many ideas – zero execution.

And then out of nowhere it came to me. So I set about swiftly and whipped up a line up of robots … holding balloons.

My boyfriend took one look at it and declared “that’s genius!” I said “um, relax, it’s just robots holding balloons.” He then began to ramble off about how robots became prevalent in our culture post WWII in the nuclear age. They are symbolic of the tendency in modern society of people wanting to have predictability in an unpredictable universe. People are instinctively scared to allow personal freedom while struggling with the whole notion of we could all die tomorrow.

Robots holding the balloons is the other side of the spectrum. Conformists and people following rules and programming are beginning to wake up to something else, something greater, something spiritual even. There’s no logical reason why robots would be holding balloons. The balloons could symbolize a spiritual awakening or the joy of life … stepping outside of ones programming. While predictability makes us feel safer, robots have been following programming their whole lives. Maybe now they’re discovering the beauty of life…maybe they’re discovering love.

I sat back and looked at, cocked my head a little, tried to absorb all the information I was just bombarded with, and then giggled and said “it’s just robots…holding balloons.”


One thought on “I found a Board in the Trash

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