Laundry Room Makeover

The laundry room may not be the first area of the house one chooses to makeover, but my laundry room is situated between the kitchen and a bathroom and because our pup remains sequestered in another area of the house, we’re forced to walk thru the laundry room numerous times a day.  Probably no one else would have noticed the hunter green mini blind that covered the window in my laundry room, but I felt it staring at me with disdain every time I passed thru.

There is also ample built in storage in there, but my boyfriend was expanding our liquor cabinet and slowly pushing out the laundry room necessities. So, as a result of the aforementioned eyesore of a hunter green mini blind, coupled with laundry room bits strewn about, I decided to undertake a small makeover.


I started my hanging 2 small shelves … in fact my boyfriend walked through during this process … not offering to help mind you … but simply expressing “I’m glad you can hang shelves” as he continued on thru.

The piece de’ resistance, however, was the window treatment I fashioned from some hand designed fabric I found on Spoonflower with an octopus chandelier design (ok, maybe it’s a squid, but it’s a Cephalopod just the same) and some remnant ribbon.

With cheap Ikea frames, I adorned the wall with some images I found online and voila … simple, chic, laundry room makeover.


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