There’s an Alien in a Jar in my Kitchen

What’s not carbonated exactly, but does have a little fizz?
What’s not made of lemons, but is sour?
What’s not beer, but is fermented?
What is not cheap, but has hipsters shelling out in excess of $3 per bottle?

Answer: Kombucha

While it would seem that Kombucha is the newest trend, it’s been around for centuries and there are unsupported and supported claims of Kombucha’s medicinal benefits. 

Kombucha is a fermented tea that’s made from a culture that resembles a pancake … or as I like to refer to it “the alien in the jar in the kitchen”.  And while it is often referred to as a “mushroom” it’s actually a colony of yeast and bacteria referred to as a “SCOBY”.  Our Kombucha alien lives in a cupboard on a heated mat where it thrives on a nutrient mixture of tea and sugar.  We lovingly feed it more tea, and often times it spawns baby aliens.  We’ve been brewing Kombucha for years from the same alien, er, culture.

While Kombucha comes in an array of flavors, we like to cut ours with grape juice or ginger ale.  While I can’t attest to its medicinal benefits, I can say with certainty that my asthma has improved.  And while there are initial start up costs, brewing your own averages out to about $0.10 per serving.

…Now let me tell you about the jellyfish in jars in my bathroom…

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