One for One

I awoke screaming this morning … trying (in vain) to get out of bed in a hurry. My boyfriend … half asleep was holding tightly onto me restraining me from actually getting out of bed while sleepily wondering what the hell was going on. I screamed louder – “LET ME GO – MY LEG – MY LEG – CRAMP – LET GO!”  Still undoubtedly no wiser as to what the hell was going on, he released his grip and I hit the floor trying (again in vain) to put my leg down knowing it was the only way to release the cramp.

I’ve suffered leg cramps for years … them waking me out of slumber with swift horrifying agony. There were times when as a kid my brother would have to run in and help me out of bed because both my legs cramped up at the same time immobilizing me and leaving me flailing around screaming in pain. Those particular incidents were as a result of years of ballet. The only cause of my current pain – lack of sensible shoes. I wear flats more often then I did when I was younger, trading in rock star stilettos for a seemingly more practical choice. My chiropractor would caution me otherwise, however, telling me there’s no support in those kicky little ballet flats and I’m doing just as much harm.

What’s a girl to do? I can’t go barefoot and though, at times, I’ve been a slave to fashion – yeah, I regret those 7 inch heals I purchased this winter that I can barely stand in without keeling over – but they’re fantastic and they were on a clearance rack.

So day after day I adorn my feet with whatever I think I can get through the day in.  The only saving grace … in my entire closet … my Toms! I wear them every chance I get. If I could wear them to work daily, I wouldn’t hesitate, but at present, I save them for casual Friday and sneak them in here and there when I think nobody will notice. It’s not that they’re unattractive, they’re actually quite cute, but I only currently have the black canvass style that seem just slightly less work appropriate even for our business casual environment. (There are employees walking around with electric blue hair, and yet I’m concerned about my footwear).

What makes Toms so special – besides their “one for one” policy wherein for every pair purchased, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need – is they’re sorta like walking on a little slice of heaven. So not only do my feet feel loved and my leg cramps disappear, but I feel happy knowing a child in need has benefited as well.

Their line has grown too. They now have vegan friendly shoes, sparkly rock star ones, striped espadrille types, wedges, sneakers and some in the most adorbs patterns. And, every time I see someone else wearing Toms, I can’t help but think we belong to a secret happy feet club that knows somebody less fortunate benefited too.

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