Dairy Queen

I grew up in a town with a Dairy Queen (…just drive thru and get a coke, if you’re thirsty…) that was only open seasonaly. The rest of the year we suffered waiting impatiently for the doors to open again. It didn’t matter that the rest of the year was sub-zero temperatures, it only mattered that the doors to the DQ were closed.

I now live in a city with NO DQ … which seems ridiculous … clearly there has to be one in the geographic vicinity, but, alas, to date I have not found one. (note to self: google DQ locations in SoCal).

I stumbled across an amazing cooking blog the other day (Heat Oven to 350) and spent hours perusing through the entire contents of it.  That’s when I came across a recipe for Peanut Buster Parfait Ice Cream Cake …are you kidding me?!  I couldn’t get to the local grocery store fast enough to gather the ingredients.  It was so delicious it transcended me back to a time when I looked forward to DQ season.  It was also so rich and satisfying that it quenched my need to find a DQ in town. 


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