Summer in the City

As a child, my favorite summertime activities were taking walks with my family at dusk to pick blackberries and raspberries that grew in the neighborhood, sucking the sweetness out of the honeysuckle flowers, long leisurely bike rides down to the beach, canning vegetables from the garden to last through the winter (ok, so I didn’t actually participate in that, but I recall my mother spending hours blanching tomatoes – whatever that means), playing croquet at my grandmothers, gathering up our pennies and walking down to Carsons to buy penny candy (which I realize makes me sound way older than I am), taking long naps in the hammock under the apple tree, gathering hermit crabs by the shore, and catching fireflies.  I would wait (impatiently) for my childhood best friend to arrive as she did like clockwork every summer from Ohio to spend the summer visiting her grandparents who lived next door.  We had all the things kids should have for summertime fun including a tree house, a cove to swim in, and woods to explore. 

As an adult and now living in Los Angeles as opposed to a small town in New England, I miss what a simpler time it was, but do my best to incorporate some of the quiet pleasures of long warm days into city life by keeping an herb garden, making s’mores, sippin’ vats of sangria on the porch, making homemade ice cream with fruits from the farmers market (which I vow is actually going to happen this year) and playing board games on the porch in the evenings.

What are your favorite summer pastimes?


One thought on “Summer in the City

  1. Reading this post brings back so many memories. Catching fireflies may be my favorite – in the suburbs of St. Louis. Missouri. It is most certainly difficult to re-capture these times as adults. I don’t know how to blanch!

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