Bathroom Before n’ After

I live in a delightful rental in Los Angeles. The second I walked into the place and felt the positive energy, I knew I wanted to live there. When I stepped into the bathroom on my tour, however, my only thought was … “well, I can live with this”. It’s a huge bathroom that has clearly been upgraded over the years. Not particularly “updated”, but definitely improvements had been made since the bathroom’s inception. It has a wall with built-in cabinets that defines 2 sections of the room – one area for the sink – one for, well, other business.

The vanity, built-in, and mirror were all wooden, and none of it matched. It took me about a year of “well, I can live with this” before I politely pleaded with my landlord to let me refinish the wood to create a more cohesive flow. (I mean we all want “flow” in the bathroom don’t we? He, he, he … but I digress…)

I ended up with my go to product – Minwax Polyshades – in a lovely pecan and set about refinishing the mirror frame, vanity and built-in to tie in all together. For a quart of finish and some updated brushed nickel hardware I took my bathroom from “well, I can live with this” to “now isn’t that delightful” for about $25.00. As a bonus, my landlord was thrilled with the results and undoubtedly that I was willing to do it on my time on my dime.

…and AFTER


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