Who Cooks When Vacation is Over?

I recently returned from vacation to, thankfully, only a smallish pile of mail. In that pile was a copy of Fresh Home Ideas magazine that I’ve been receiving quarterly thanks to my dear friend Alicia, who undoubtedly is responsible for the mystery subscription.

Not too jazzed about the notion of unpacking my suitcase, I instead plopped down on my porch daybed to read my mag. I was also not remotely excited that my vacation was, in fact, coming to an abrupt end and was considering the notion that I now had to re-enter the world of laundry, cooking, work, and life in general.

It was during that anti-climactic epiphany that I stumbled across a recipe for corn cakes complimented by a savory shrimp and lump crabmeat salad. It was literally moments later that I was down to the grocery store gathering ingredients.

The recipe (found here) was painfully simple and made for a delightful summer dinner. All I did was substitute the arugula for buttercrunch lettuce and in the time it took my guy to clean up from afternoon yard work (he not as unmotivated as I apparently), dinner was on the table.


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