Only Suckers Buy Bookcases

Living in Los Angeles … with an Ikea less than 3 miles down the road … there is never a shortage of disposed of furniture lurking around every corner. In route to the grocery store Friday night I snatched up 2 decent sized and sturdy bookcases in the alley across the street from my home…albeit with the typical oak-like veneer. Of course when I say “I” – I mean I screeched to a halt, kicked my boyfriend out of the passenger seat and had him carry them back to the house. He’s a good sport though and declared “hey, only suckers BUY bookcases”.

We have 5 bookcases in our home (and 3 more in the garage) that were all found in the garbage (save for 1 that I paid $5 for at a yard sale that is actually constructed out of real wood). Never to be discouraged by the look of fake wood, I set about in my typical fashion and refinished them over the weekend (similar to what I did here – in fact, I replaced that one shelf with these 2). They could have been done earlier except that I took 2 ½ hours out (time I will never get back) to go see “Tree of Life”.

It’s a good thing we found those bookcases, because within that discarded pile, we also found a library of books so obviously, we needed the bookcases.


2 thoughts on “Only Suckers Buy Bookcases

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