Little Things Mean a Lot

I’ve lived in many places over the years. I’ve owned several properties, I’ve rented even more. Even if I know I’m only going to be in one spot for a short time, I set about making any house I’m occupying a home.

Many renters are stuck with the white wall palate which I’ve gone through phases of appreciating and hating. In my current place, my landlord did thankfully pick a softer more palatable (pun intended) coffee type white.  Trust me, despite my current home’s charm, if I had it my way, it would have flocked skull wallpaper in at least one room.

I’ve found, however, that the little details you incorporate into your world are what make it truly your own. Not one to settle for what Target has as their suggested décor, the subtle details in my home are sometimes not even noticed right away … some of them are hidden lil’ gems that I keep rediscovering myself.

A Nurse who stands on a bedside table ... when you turn her around, she's holding a hypodermic needle ... and she's a bank


Individual ceramic skulls adorn each step leading upstairs


A small pewter octopus serves as the hardware on our TV cabinet (which is a vintage pie case)


A vintage milk glass bowl of doll heads ... and one landed in the gator's mouth

A ceramic pig's head now accompanies the bull's head on the office wall...which also includes a "Jerry Blank" paperdoll about to take flight, among other goodies


A bedroom lamp with a dragonfly barrette clipped to the finial





One thought on “Little Things Mean a Lot

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