The Hand that Rocks and Cradles

Every now and again you run across an item in someone’s possession that makes you wonder “why on Earth do you have that?!” In this instance, however, I was feeling a lot more like “why on Earth DON’T I have that?!” Fortunately for me, this item was in route to a free box at a yard sale and was quickly intercepted by me. My friend Annie’s high school boyfriend had made it for her,  and “Annie I love you” was inscripted on the back…making me somehow want it even more. He fancied himself an artist of sorts, I suppose, and had molded his hand in paster of paris solidifying his love for Annie symbolically in stone.  Annie cradled it in her hands like “Meh, what the hell am I supposed to do with it?!”   I snatched it from her thrilled that she was so eager to part with it already conceptualizing what I could do with it.

I had some trouble figuring out how to hang it, since it was made to just sit on a desk … or maybe her nightstand.  So I spent a few days mulling it around in my head.  I found a round wooden disk that I expoxied the plaster to, thinking it would be way easier to affix some sort of hanging device to the back of wood, then trying to bore through the paster.  This cured in about 20 minutes, at which point I affixed a plate hanger to the back of the disk and set about spray painting the whole thing hot pink.  I already had it hanging on the wall in all its pink glory when my boyfriend said something about it looking like a hand reaching up from the grave … at which point it dawned on me, “of for crap sake – it’s supposed to be green”.

Which it now is … in all its zombie glory.  My friend Jason … coincidentally, Annie’s husband, said it looks like Frankenstein is apologizing, making me love it even more.


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