You had me at Cake Batter

I have stockpiles of recipes I’ve collected over the years…and by stockpile, I mean I have PDF’d and organized all my recipes onto my computer…sad but true… but because of their delicious organization, I can quickly find a recipe to anything I may want to make lickity split.  I also don’t have to keep 10,000 bookmarks for recipes I find that I may want to go back to.  I commit right away and file them away for later.

I didn’t need to consult my bank of recipes this past weekend, however, as I stumbled across this recipe for Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats over at “Gimme Some Oven” that went straight to the top of the “I must try this” pile.

While they were delish, and didn’t last an hour with my boyfriend and his 2 kids in the house, I would consider upping the ante on the cake batter the next time to maybe a full 1/2 cup.


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