Make your Holiday Gifts

So, there’s a lil’ gal in my life who is always adorably dressed to the nines. She typically has sassy manicured nails and is always donning some sort of fabulous barrette or bow or headband and cute lil’ earrings. Every time I see her I try to stuff my “currently only slightly larger than hers” feet into her adorbs little shoes. It should be noted here, that this darling little fashionista is 8 years old.

I hit the local accessory store last Xmas for a selection of earrings for her – but this year decided I could do better if I just made her some accessories myself.  This decision also may have had a lot to do with the fact that I can’t stand going to the Mall.

I got out my trusty jar of cabochons – oh yeah, I have a jar of them – and sorted thru picking out the best bits n’ bobs. I then took a trip to the local craft store and gathered up some findings for earrings, rings and bobby pins with flat heads so I could adorn them myself. I also picked up the essential e600 glue, which is the only glue to be used for this type of project.

After the bits cured to the findings for 24 hours, I attached the earrings to a little note card I had lying around, and the barrettes to business cards, that I printed various clipart onto … et voila … pretty little adornments fit for an 8-yr old fashionista.

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