That’s alotta leftovers…

Everybody has their Turkey Day traditions, so it should come as no surprise that everybody has their post-Turkey Day traditions as well. Let’s face it, the leftover combinations are equally as good as the initial feast.

While I enjoy a turkey sandwich with the best of them, it’s my now signature Turkey Shepherds Pie that sets my leftovers apart from the rest.  Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t take a picture of this masterpiece that didn’t look like some sorta non-descript casserole.  Make no mistake you’ll wanna plow through the Thanksgiving Day festivities just to get to this delightful dish the next day.  And, despite kids’ aversions to foods that are “touching” I haven’t found a kid yet that didn’t think this was one of the greatest dishes they’ve ever tasted.

I start with a bottom layer of turkey.  I use the white meat and the dark meat and brown in a skillet with a little oil, adding salt and pepper to taste.  To that, I add a tablespoon of flour, and a cup of gravy – in the fortunate event I have any leftover – if not a cup of stock will do and a ¼ cup of worcestershire sauce.  That goes on the bottom layer of a pie plate or casserole dish.

Layer 2 is creamed corn.  I start off with a bag of frozen white sweet corn to which I add ¾ cup of heavy cream, a tablespoon of flour, a ¼ sugar and a teaspoon of nutmeg.  I mix that up till the sauce thickens (adding more flour to thicken the sauce as needed) and then I layer that on top of the turkey.

Layer 3 is the leftover mashed potatoes.  I make my mashed potatoes with skin on red potatoes to which I add scallions, heavy cream, sour cream, butter and parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste.  I use no particular measured amounts.  I figure everybody has their method for mashed potatoes … use whatever you want.  The mashed potatoes go layered right over the corn.

The final layer is the leftover stuffing which will leave you with a nice baked crispy crunchy top. 

Place the dish on a baking sheet, because it’s bound to bubble over and cause a disaster in the oven – or a fire – oh yeah, that’s happened before.  I cover the top and bake this whole concoction in the oven at 350 degrees for about ½ hour, cooking it uncovered for about another 10 minutes to brown the stuffing layer. 

Serve with or without gravy – I like mine with a little side of cranberry sauce.


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