State of the Union … Jack …

…or state of my kitchen table … as the case may be.

My kitchen table was purchased from an entertainment industry charity event. The table was formerly a Warner Bros. prop and I picked it up, together with 4 perfectly mismatched antique chairs, for a mere $11.00. It was initially painted an icky brown – not even a wood grain or nice finish – just a flat brown. I quickly covered it in a robins egg blue and was pleased with it for a couple of years until this past Christmas came around. I was using the tabletop to iron some fabric that I was making into pillows and I burned the top of it.

Sigh… I figured no big deal, I’ll just repaint the top at some point after the holidays. Well the holidays came and went and I was ready to fix that burn mark. I went to my stock of paints only to find I could NOT find the robins egg blue. How could that be? I had plenty of it – I’ve got all the other paints I’ve used. I figured I must have given the leftover color to another friend – which I am prone to do -but I don’t remember who, and I figured I would have a hard time matching the exact color again.

I decided, instead, to work with the imperfections of the table. I’ve been given free reign to decorate in any manner I see fit in my household and used that to my advantage.

I taped off my pattern...

Et Voila ... my Union Jack Tabletop


One thought on “State of the Union … Jack …

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