Word on the Street is, these are Easy

I’ve recently discovered Pinterest … well recently is a strong word … I’ve known about it for some time now, but I’ve only recently delved into it.  This recipe came up so many times, I felt I was doing myself a disservice by not giving it a try.  Referred to as “Slutty Brownies” because they promise to be easy, this sugar coma inducing baked delight consists of a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, covered in oreo cookies, and topped off with a layer of brownie mix.

I called upon my trusty lil’ helper – “Hey Logan, wanna help me make something disgusting?”  She was perplexed enough to come into the kitchen and happy to dive right in.  The best part of baking with this lil’ gal is that I never tell her what we’re making, so she remains excited the whole way through…plus I didn’t want to tell her they were called “slutty brownies” because then I would have had to explain what that meant and I didn’t care to open that can o’ worms.

I fussed about the kitchen getting all the ingredients together, while I made her do the manual labor.  😉

They were best eaten warm right out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to tone down how rich they were.


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