A Dude with Dyslexia walks into a Bra…

Anybody that’s known me for some time knows I’m not much of a drinker. Hell, I was 37 the first time I actually got drunk. So there are lots of folks in my life who have known me to never drink at all. Most of my current selection of friends know that I have a 2 drink minimum … because anything past that, and I’m under the table.

For awhile I had been searching for a bar cart of some sort for our home. I kept abandoning the idea though, cuz there really wasn’t a place to put one and I still thought it odd that felt like I needed one. Then again, it wasn’t so much about the liquor for me as it was more about finding a place to put all my vintage glasses and bar accessories.

We received a stunning set of wine glasses for Christmas which reinvigorated my desire to have a bar area. My Craigslist searches in vain, I still couldn’t find anything that would fit anywhere in our home, so I decided to work with what we already had.

I relocated my stacks vintage dishes (that I use for my Etsy shop) and turned our vintage bakery cupboard into our new bar.

Vintage Cupboard - next to table Pre-Union Jack takeover

Yes...you'll shoot your eye out kid...


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