Last Minute Dinner Guests

We love dinner guests around our house. Even last minute ones. The really sad thing is – I’d made dinner plans with our gal pal weeks ago and knew darn well she was coming for dinner. But, we’ve been post-New Year dieting and have very little food to offer. It should also be noted that we even moved the dinner once … so believe me, I had more than ample time to prepare. I was just feeling like I didn’t wanna A) go to the grocery store, B) rush home to make dinner in time for our guest, and C)I dunno, I have no “C” … I was excited to see our friend, but less than excited to cook on this occasion for some inexplicable reason.

My solution? “Make Your Own Pizza”. This did, in fact, necessitate a quick trip to the grocery store, but it was about a 15 minute round trip. (I can walk to our grocery store faster than I can drive there).

I gathered up an assortment of fixin’s – diced onions, diced tri-color peppers, sundried tomatoes, chicken n’ apple sausage, turkey pepperoni, shredded cheese, marinara sauce and personal size Boboli pizza crusts.

It was fun and I didn’t miss a moment of socializing because I was too busy cooking a meal. 



One thought on “Last Minute Dinner Guests

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