Sometimes ya’ Gotta Improvise – Valentine’s Day Edition

I’m not anti-Valentine’s Day … although last year’s post may have suggested otherwise…I just don’t choose to participate in all the hoopla.  My loved one and I do show appreciation for each other with some sort of token gesture – when I say I’m happy with a card – I really am.  It means he took the time to go and read through some and even if it isn’t in his words (although sometimes it is) – he’s taken the time out to go pick out something just for me (even if it is ON Valentines Day) .  Last year he gave me a stuffed zombie with removable limbs … yeah, he knows me pretty well.

Those are NOT my man hands!

I, fortunately, had already purchased a V-Day card and had it tucked away because this year I was down for the count with Bronchitis and suffering for days in bed curled up in the fetal position.  The antibiotics kicked in around 6pm on V-Day and I thought maybe I should have some sort of dinner prepared when he gets home.  Of course, having been sick for days – we didn’t have much food, nor did I have much energy to create a masterpiece.  I did, however, have leftovers from this amazing dinner, so I worked with what I had.

Turns out the personal-size Boboli pizza crusts fit perfectly on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper – so I traced the outline – drew a heart as a template – used my kitchen scissors to cut into my crust and whipped up a heart shaped pizza … then I went back to bed.  He did love it so much though that he took an unsolicited picture of it for my Blog.  Now that’s love…

Make no mistake ... that's a heart cut out of turkey pepperoni


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