Blind Obsession

Growing up, we never had curtains in our house – we had “window treatments” – at least that’s what my mother, Nancy, and my Aunt Diane always sarcastically referred to them as. The house I’m currently residing in had blinds on all the windows when we moved in – some custom – some questionable (like this one). Our spare room is known as a lot of things … “his room”, the “guest room”, the “other room” … but the blinds covering the windows, while annoying to me, (for a myriad of reasons – they were broken, black, crooked, bent), weren’t my biggest concern as I don’t really spend any time in this room and figured I’d give the room some “window treatments” when the mood struck.

While scouring Pinterest last week, I found this brilliance – a no-sew Faux Roman Shade Tutorial.  Now, I’m not at all opposed to sewing – I actually own a sewing machine and do a lot of sewing, but I wanted to see how one could actually pull off a roman shade without sewing something.  I decided to use it as a guide for my new “window treatments” … I actually did choose to sew the borders of mine instead of using the stitch witch.  It was the tension rods that made this project genius.

I managed to get the fabric for 40% – only about 3 1/2 yards was needed so I spent just under $30 for the fabric.  I used 9 tension rods, 3 for each window, bought in 2-packs from Big Lots at $2.50 each, bringing my total for supplies to about $50.00.  Not bad for custom made roman shades.


2 thoughts on “Blind Obsession

  1. Your new window treatment looks so much better (beautiful actually) than what was originally there. I’m still trying to figure out how you did that! You are very talented Janelle!!!!!!

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