Shower Scene

This post was inspired by a convo I had with my mother. She lives in a house built in the 1700’s, (yeah, that’s not a typo). She’s bought the house a couple years ago and has spent her free time trying to decorate the home while keeping as much tradition in it as she can. Unfortunately, it’s had some renovations over the years – including an additional bathroom complete with shower doors – undoubtedly not at all what folks in the 1700’s would have included in their bath – especially since shower doors weren’t introduced into design until approximately the 1930’s.

I, personally, cannot stand shower doors, but they’ve been on many a shower in various places I’ve lived.  Despite my disdain for them in general, I don’t really care much if there are shower doors or not anymore as I came up with a solution to them years ago.  Plus, my cheap lil’ solution not only hides the fact that that the doors might not be perfectly clean at all times, but has allowed me to add my own personal decorating touch to my bath.

96″ curtain panels added to a tension rod will completely cover the shower doors, all the way to the floor and create the illusion of height to the room as well.  Mine were made with cheap tab top curtain panels (probably around $9 each).  I hand painted skulls on muslin (about $1 per yard) and stitched them on the panels creating my own custom shower curtains.   I suggested my mom perhaps find something a little more to her personal liking and the tradition of her 1700’s home.

Make no mistake ... that is Darth Vader and some stormtroopers in the picture frames ... and Yes, there are little skulls on my towels


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