Thrill of the Thrift – Blue Velvet

I’ve decided to start a “Thrill of the Thrift” post that I will update periodically with awesome things I’ve found at thrift stores, yard sales, consignment shops and the like – which also, at times, may include the back alley.

I still feel (ever so slightly) guilty that I nearly came to blows with my friend Stacy over this gem found at a local yard sale. We were out trying to score furniture and various other wares for Stacy’s new apartment – which is where the guilt comes in as Stacy probably could have hung her on a wall in her new digs. But I totally took advantage of the fact that Stacy really didn’t want to part with the $2 for her.  It should be noted, however, that I did go out and buy her a rad gift at a real store for her new place …  thereby hopefully redeeming myself for the theft of this amazing piece.

She’s unbelievably awesome yet slightly disturbing- she’s painted on velvet (WHAT?!) … and her hand carved wooden frame just make her extra creepy/special. I can actually picture (no pun intended) somebody hacking away at the frame.  She now sits on the landing heading up my stairs.


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