This bench was on our porch when we moved in. It was of the generic “bought at Home Depot” variety and has since been rotated around various parts of the yard.  It’s not very comfortable and yet everyone seems to have one.

We had recently spread some wood chips over a previously neglected area of the yard and added some delightful planters that we planted some seasonal flowers in and run outside to check every day to see if they’ve sprouted (not yet), so the bench was looking sadder than usual.

I had done quick refinishes of this bench in the past, but it was becoming a seasonal chore and decided I better do it right this time.

First I stripped it down with a liquid stripper – took about 15 minutes to turn the various layers of paint into goo that easily came right off.  I then taped it and primed it.

I then painted it with 2 layers of Candy Apple Metallic Red Spray Paint that reminded me of the color of the bicycle my twin brother had when we were kids.  I apparently didn’t tape it off too well … or the wind was not my friend this weekend … as the red got onto a few places I would have preferred it didn’t.  But, overall I was pleased with the final product and it looks way better than it once did.


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