Avenue Q and Fried Ding Dongs

It rained cats n’ dogs here on Sunday. It was really a good day to stay home lounging around in sweats watching Netflix … but, I’d purchased tickets to “Avenue Q” a couple months ago and it just happened to fall on this miserable rainy Sunday.  We drove 30 miles in the pouring rain to the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center … which is a lovely little theater that I would have preferred to have gone to on a sunny afternoon.

“Avenue Q” didn’t disappoint though.  It’s a jagged little pill to grow up and realize having everything you want or deserve isn’t as easy as our parents led us to believe – but somehow when swearing puppets deliver the message, it goes down a little smoother.  The scandalous puppets and adult content definitely brightened up this otherwise gloomy day.  We followed up the performance with a trip to “The Junkyard”  where we enjoyed a carafe of sangria and snacks and ended the afternoon with Fried Ding Dongs and Oreo Cookies.  WHAT?!  After being delivered a “life sucks for the most part, but it’ll turn out ok in the end” message find yourself a fried ding dong  and you’ll see how fast things can turn around. (I didn’t take a pic of the actual dish … cuz I ate it too fast … but the menu itself was enough to make me curious)


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