I’ll Have your Head on a Stick

Inspired by a post I’d read HERE on Crafting Rebellion’s site way back in December,  I kept this project on the back burner until I’d found just the right supplies to pull it all together.  I’ve always found moss topiaries to be Gothic in nature, but somehow a Christmas tree cone didn’t quite fit my decor.  Immediately upon reading her post, I knew how I was going to create my own Gothic topiaries.

I found plastic skulls in an online anatomical shop for $6.00 each, bought a bag of moss and some styrofoam at Michael’s (always using a 40% coupon) and acquired the planters at Ikea for $3 each.  Any crafty gal always has an assortment of glues in stock and I currently have a war supply of spray paints.

Using Crafting Rebellion's Tutorial...I took this pile of stuff...

...and turned it into these!

I still have one more skull to work with … but, while easy, it was a time consuming project
and I’ll have to revisit it another day. 


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