Thrill of the Thrift – I Resemble that Remark

I had an extra long weekend this past weekend to entertain house guests … who, thankfully, enjoy the thrill of the thrift as much as I do. I scored a tremendous amount of vintage china for my Etsy shop, but the biggest score perhaps of all was this reproduction signage in accordance with a magistrate’s order in London, England dating back to 1871 that I scored for $3 which reads “All Wanton Women Will be Whipped”!

I actually asked the clerk “How is this still here?! – Don’t you guys pick all the good stuff before it hits the showroom floor?!”  She responded that there had been a lot of chatting about it.  Apparently, in the end, it was meant for me.

It now hangs in plain view when you walk in my house …  you know, just so you know what you’re getting into … and is strategically placed over what has been come to be known as “the bat phone” in the event you need to call for help.


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