Let’s Get Rocked

I’ve been carrying around this red “purse” (I scored at a yard sale for about Fifty Cents) for years. I suspect it may have been a CD case of some sort, but I always fancied it a rad clutch bag. It perfectly holds my cell, cash and lipstick and is the ideal downsize for an evening out from the sack I’m usually carting around with me.

Recently, however, I was in the presence of some musicians … you know what?  They deserved to be referred to as rock stars … I was in the presence of some rock stars. (An amazing experience I’ll share more of later as I’m still too choked up about it at present)  One of them was infamous circa 1983 for wearing a t-shirt sporting the Union Jack.  As I sat quietly behind these rock stars, (silently dying inside), holding my red clutch, it hit me like a bolt of rock n’ roll lightening how I was going to upcycle my purse (all the while wondering why the hell I’d never thought of it before).

Already being a fan of the ol’ Union Jack in my decor (AS EVIDENCED BY THIS POST), with paint I already had on hand, and using a small tray I scored at Ikea for $4.99 as a guide, I turned my already favorite clutch into my “New and Improved and Even More Favorite” clutch!!


Work in Progress

“New and Improved and Even More Favorite” clutch!!



3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Rocked

  1. I actually just used paints I had lying around. They were paint samples I’d used to paint my table. Acrylics would have worked just fine too. I sealed it several times with a spray gloss coat though, and it’s held up quite well. I use this purse all the time. 🙂

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