As a follow up to my “Make Your Holiday Gifts” I had actually made a lot more of my gifts this past holiday season.  It has taken me this long to get pictures from my loved ones to post – why?  Because I inadvertently forgot to take any…then I forgot I’d asked anybody for them…

Anyway, I finally gathered them, followed up on a few and compiled them all … well, most of them … my brother has a motley crew of kids, I don’t expect him to have time to take a picture.  (Actually, in his defense, he did send me 2 pictures of pillows I’d sent them – just not the ones I’d made at Xmas – apparently, I’ve sent them LOTS of pillows over the years – which only tells me I need to be more creative – and to think, I thought I was?!).

Now I’m really going to out myself as being A) thrifty or B) cheap.  In my own defense, I have to be thrifty – I have a lot of family spread out all over the place which leaves me having to box up stuff and send it all over the country and fabric ships easily without me worrying about my gifts breaking en route.  But when I disclose the materials I used to make all these pillows – I could see why I might come off as cheap.  However, I did MAKE the gifts … and stuffed them with a whole lotta love which may minimize the “she’s cheap”.

On hand I had pillowcases from Ikea – that I had scored for $1.00 each in the as-is section.  Each pillowcase easily yielded 2 pillows.  I had every intention of going to the fabric store to purchase fabric – I just happened to have the pillow cases in my craft cupboard (yeah, I have one of those).  I manipulated various images I ganked off the web to cater to each recipient.  Using iron-on transfer paper, I printed all the images on my inkjet printer, ironed them onto the fabric, sewed a square and stuffed ’em.  It’s really not that difficult a tutorial.  All it took was a little common sense.  Plus, it only took about 20 minutes per pillow (not including the time it took me to find and manipulate the images which I just found here and there when I had time to surf – stay off Facebook for a half hour and you can accomplish a lot!)

Everyone seemed to really enjoy them and there’s always a sweet satisfaction that comes when you’ve made something for your loved ones.  I actually made 2 more … but, as noted above, my brother couldn’t figure out which ones they were.


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