Animal Farm

This was a strange weekend full of … well … farm animals.

PART I (Saturday):  The weekend started off simply enough.  We went to Honeybaked Ham (hmmm…maybe that’s where it all started) … for our usual Saturday morning breakfast.  After breakfast, it’s customary for us to walk a few doors down to the American Cancer Society Discovery Store (one of my favorite local thrift shops)  where my boyfriend will peruse the used books while I scan the store for vintage dishware.  (This is usually followed up with a walk across the street to Trader Joes for flowers – or “posies” as I call them – no matter what they are).

Last weekend the gals in the ACS thrift store were getting ready for a big event this past weekend.  They had a whole section roped off with “more special than usual”  items all put aside.  I’d spotted this pig and thought “I must have that!”  But, then I forgot all about the whole thing until I saw it beaming in the window again on Saturday.  I thought “holy crap – it’s still here!”  It had a way bigger price tag than anything I’ve ever purchased in a thrift store.  I hemmed and hawed about it for about 15 minutes before I was like “Hey – it’s for charity right?!”  I calculated that if I didn’t go thrifting again for a few weeks, I could justify the price tag.  I still can’t quite fathom why I NEEDED to have it … but I do, in fact, now have it.  It stands about 3 ft tall or so and it’s heavy – made outta plaster or something – but it’s the wingspan that made it nearly impossible to find a place to put it (which I hadn’t considered whilst it was displayed on a pedestal in the store).  It’s probably a birdbath, but I didn’t want it subject to the elements (or for someone to steal it) so it’s residing inside currently.

It’s a giant gilded pig…

PART II:  My boyfriend took his kids to the library and came home with the DVD – “Animal Farm” – strange coincidence … probably

PART III:  Sunday night we went to a birthday party … for a chicken … YES, a chicken.  It was “Lupita’s” birthday and we and a whole slew of other people were out to celebrate!  It was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen thus far.  There was a news crew, a red carpet, a limo arrival, a mariachi band, a goat in a prom dress, and a fashion show.  Did I mention it was a CHICKEN’S birthday party?!  “Lupita’s” Dads are Paulo and Jose who own the amazeballs “Doggie Avenue” where Baxter (who attended the event with us) gets groomed.  They are nothing short of fabulous.  It’s easy to spot “Doggie Avenue” as it’s a turquoise color and there’s a front window that rivals any Barney’s display.  There were a LOT of people there.  I suspect everyone wanted to experience a birthday party for a chicken … Doggie(Avenue) style.

AND there’s video too … unfortunately, I just got a new camera and it didn’t dawn on me that if I rotated it, the vid would come out sideways … oops…lesson learned … at least you can hear the mariachi band singing for “Lupita”.


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