Waste Not Want Not

I pride myself on being adaptable and being able to be happy with what I have at any given moment in my life.  And my life has taken some drastic turns here and there, so sometimes living this way is easier said than done.  But there are times when I just have “too much” at any given moment … and by “too much” … I mean “too much STUFF”.

I go through these purging periods where I just wanna discard everything and clear out all the clutter to allow for a better flow of energy.  I also can’t be creative when there’s a mess …  so I tend to start any creative endeavor by cleaning and organizing everything.  Perhaps I’m on the verge of something big, because I’ve been cleaning and clearing and purging and organizing things like crazy around my home.  I’ve also been feeling a little inexplicably low lately and organizing things tends to ground me … or at the very least allows me to redirect my energy.  Sometimes I get rid of people in my life, sometimes I clean out unnecessary appliances in the kitchen.

As part of a recent organizational overhaul, I cleaned out my closet (and not of skeletons mind you, but of clothing).  And, by “clean out” I mean I paired it down by at least 35% and got rid of approximately 60 pairs of shoes (still retaining – undoubtedly – a solid 50 pairs ).  After  I felt comfortable with all the things I was willing to part with … I texted a pic of a 5 ft wide x 3 ft high pile to my eco-conscious fashionista friend Taryn and told her to come pull out whatever she wanted.  Normally I would have put aside stuff to save for a fashion swap, but this pile was too big and I wanted it outta my sight.  Taryn showed up the next day and took about 30% of the pile which she quickly repurposed into all new designs for a fashion show.

This new saucy dress was made using 2 of my discarded dresses

This outfit was made using 3 pairs of my discarded slacks

After Taryn took the best stuff, I gathered up what was remaining and created 2 separate piles.  One for the thrift store, and one for the Clothing Bin (at the grocery store).  I put the better stuff into the thrift store pile (although, I probably could have made several $$$ if I’d A) sold this stuff at a yard sale or B) a consignment shop as none of it was crap, it was just stuff I was ready to part with.    It’s not that I buy expensive or upscale clothing, it’s that I’m a smart clothing shopper.  Most of my stuff is purchased via consignment or thrift stores – I can spot a brand new leather skirt with the tags still on it for $4 from a mile away.  I always donate gently worn clothing to thrift stores with a “what goes around comes around” attitude.  While you’re purchasing a cashmere sweater on Overstock, I’ve found 6 of them for a total of $20 at the local Goodwill because I went on 50% off day.

After reading that most thrift store clothing donations end up in Africa or as part of your carseat, It’s a good feeling to know that even when I’m just “throwing stuff away” I’m doing something good with it, or at least I’m conscious about where it goes.  I’m also glad that so many of my friends want to participate in clothing exchanges or are smart enough, i.e. Taryn, to turn old stuff into fabulous new stuff!

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