What’s in Your Wallet?!

I’m always tickled by the Capital One Vikings running around procuring things with their Visa cards when they should be carrying around little velvet bags with random coinage to make their purchases … and/or lopping off the heads of the merchants and taking what they want.

I’m also interested when other bloggers share what’s in their bags. Mostly because I’m amazed at what people lug around everyday and what they carry it in. Leading me to share what’s in my bag…

Hilariously, I don’t even carry a purse, per se, (I would never make a good fashion blogger).  I am currently carrying my dailies in a medic bag I scored from the Army Navy store for $9.00.  I like it because it resembles the Cambridge Satchel I covet but refuse to buy at $200 – it also suits my edgier style.

Inside my bag I keep handy at all times …

  •  a scarf / shawl thing of some sort (because I’m always cold)
  •  a wallet covered in octopi (for obvious reasons)
  •  the little green sack holds grocery bags (yep, I’ve been carrying my own grocery bags with me since 1995 – I do my part)
  • my iPhone (which was a gift from my twin brother, Jamie, and may be the best gadget ever)
  • whatever $5 sunglasses I’m wearing these days (I’m too fickle for expensive sunglasses)
  • and of course my Nikon Coolpix camera because you never wanna miss a photo op in Los Angeles (not in the picture – for obvious reasons)
  • a little makeup case made by my lovely friend Jenny

inside the makeup case is…
a lip ointment
an herbal breath spray (fresh breath is a priority in my life – I learned that from the Geek in “16 Candles”)
band aids
a jump drive, and
the little square to the left is a tape measurer that I possibly use more than anything else in that pouch

What starts the most conversations with people I encounter though is my Dexter lanyard that I got free at Comic Con several years ago.

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