Well That’s an Improvement

It took me awhile to give a pleasing tone to an odd little space inside the entryway. It’s hardly noticeable when you walk in since the door opens into it … but when the door is shut, my eye was constantly drawn to the old wall AC unit flanking the lovely french doors.

(This pic was actually taken the 1st weekend I moved in,
so that whole wall has taken on new life)

Having tried various other methods to cover the AC unit in the past, I found an old frame in the garage that covered it perfectly.  I simply framed some existing fabric I had lying around.  (The fabric actually being table runners that once served as curtains on an odd shaped window).  I found an old record cabinet at a yard sale for $10 (although I s’pose it’s not technically a cabinet since it doesn’t have doors).  It was the perfect size for the area to house shoes and shopping bags.  And, I found a small shelf at the thrift store for $2.  I painted the cabinet and the shelf orange … because A) I like orange, and B) I had a can of orange paint leftover from another project.  It took me 2 1/2 years to find “just the right” piece to house umbrellas and a handy baseball bat in the event some pizza delivery guy comes to the wrong house and starts banging on all the windows and doors (which actually happened this past weekend, so I’m glad my bat was finally handy).

AFTER … functional landing strip … less of an eyesore!


One thought on “Well That’s an Improvement

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