When Pigs Fly

I recall my Aunt Diane being smitten with pigs as decor. And while I have nothing against pigs, (in fact I used to own two pot bellied pigs – Hamlet and Virginia Ham – yup true story),  I never really gravitated towards pigs in my own decor. My dear friend Bill has a plethora of pigs around his home … so many, in fact, that his wife, Alicia, has put the kibosh on him getting any more.

As evidenced HERE and HERE, I already have a couple of pigs in my home.  This little piggy, however, I fashioned up myself.  I had seen in various places a Golden Winged Piggy Bank pop up in design.  And let me tell you at $175, I refuse to fork over pennies in my piggy bank for such a purchase.

And then this happened…I stumbled across a white ceramic winged piggy at “Michaels” craft store.  It wasn’t a bank, but it generally looked very similar.  It was also on the clearance rack for $4.00.  I promptly brought it home and spray painted it with metallic gold spray paint I had on hand, leaving me with $171 and my owned golden winged piggy.

THEIRS (at $175.00)

MINE (at $4.00)

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