It’s Not a Real Estate Transaction

I found myself in Marshalls or TJ Maxx (or both) the other day.  I was looking for a birthday gift for a friend.  Having no real plan, I started combing the aisles and quickly stumbled across this!

Holy Hell!  It’s Betsey Johnson, it’s a backpack,  it’s hot pink, it’s covered in skulls.  Into my shopping basket it went.  I perused around a bit more trying to find the gift I’d went in there for to begin with when I started a “do I really NEED this” conversation in my head. I literally debated the Pros n’ Cons as I walked about the store.  I pictured myself at 70 years old – with spikey hair, covered in hidden tattoos still carrying this bag.  It actually seemed reasonable to me that I will end up being THAT old lady.  The one that’s closer to Betsey Johnson then Betty White…ok, that was a bad comparison because Betty White is amazing and saucy and she’s like 90+ yrs old…but you probably get my point.  I’ll probably end up some sorta hybrid Betsey White sort of character.  I wondered if and when I would ever grow out of hot pink, skulled anything.  Then I began lamenting over the price tag.  Not at all steep at $39.99 – since it originally retailed for $168.00 – but not at all the kind of coin I drop on a purse … even a big one I can travel with.  …I do have a trip coming up afterall…  The final point that sealed the deal was not my own voice in my head, but my twin brother’s voice … if he had been with me, he would have been standing next to me heavy sighing whilst exclaiming “it’s 40 bucks – it’s not a real estate transaction – just buy it.”  And so I did…


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