Not All Business

My home is full of nonsense around every corner. I’m also of the strong opinion that the bathroom need not be all business, which is why my whimsy carries into my bathrooms as well.

I was recently asked by a dear friend of mine who also lived in the Florida Keys for many years if I incorporate any “fish” into my decor (which was a common decor theme in the Keys). As an homage to my wonderful life living on an island, I do, in fact, have my spare bathroom decorated in a decidedly fishy theme.

One of my favorite prints…acquired by an artist at ComiCon a few years ago

A large painting I did myself

Crocheted Jellyfish hang suspended in mason jars

I purchased this painting at the Mystic Arts Festival in 2005 … I think the fish look like olives…

A perfectly nautical shower curtain

…there’s dirty magazines in that basket … shhhhhhhh

My brother insists this is the “face of evil” … I think it’s hilarious! It was made by some gals in Key West.

The sun should shine anywhere it can … even where the sun don’t shine πŸ˜‰

I think the rug looks like seaweed.

While I had my own custom made shower curtain for many years in my main bathroom (shown HERE), I recently couldn’t resist a new shower curtain … for obvious reasons

It’s awesome and gives a well needed pop of color.


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