Thrill of theThrift – Antique Wardrobe

Every few years or so Warner Bros. has a “Lot Sale” to benefit a local charity and every year that comes and goes and they don’t have one leaves me praying that next year will be the year. It’s been about 4 years since the last one. It’s full of clothing worn by celebrities, all kinds of props, lighting, and tons of furniture.  Really amazing, awesome furniture too … and all at a price point that would make Ikea shudder.

I bought this beauty back in 2007.  There was buzz around the hallways about it, and it was reasonably priced at $200.  I, however, waited until the last day when everything went to 50% off and scored this bad boy for a mere $100.00.

It’s a fabulous antique.  But it served as a prop and was painted an ICKY flat brown.  I originally purchased it thinking I’d use it for it’s intended purpose – a wardrobe – but it’s shallow inside and a regular sized hanger didn’t fit.  So I repurposed it to use as a supply closet and it now houses all my craft supplies.

Using my go-to method for furniture upcycles (seen HERE for example), I refinished the whole thing.  It didn’t have any handles on it, so I used to curtain tiebacks and created my own.  I think they give it the gothic look it deserves.

Sitting on top are the Vegas Showgirls shown HERE


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