I Found the Holy Grail…

…of vintage items that is.  FIVE years I’ve been searching for this coveted collectible.  Not to be deterred by the average $600 price tag, I knew I’d find one of these by accident one day at somebody’s yard sale.  When bored I would comb the interwebs for it and would typically find one that had just sold moments before, or had a price tag that left me not willing to cough up my hard earned dollars. 

 What's in the Box

Patience is the key.  My patience paid off last week when I stumbled across one on Etsy for $60.  And while it is not the original 1950’s Royal pink typewriter, it is sort of the drag queen dress-up version.  It is, in fact, a 1950’s Royal typewriter – but it wasn’t originally pink – somebody painted it.  I actually like it better because it has a sort of a mid-century modern chartreuse center that gives it a little something extra.  Besides, I didn’t have to fork over $600 for it. 

In it's Case

In my Office


One thought on “I Found the Holy Grail…

  1. So glad you are loving the typewriter! I usually pack the typewriters in a kind of plain brown packaging paper, but your etsy avatar is so bad-ass that I went for the polka-dots. I thought – this is a woman who can appreciate serious polka dots! It looks great there and so cool that it lives at Warner Bros! Thanks again!

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