Trophy Mount

With the increasing popularity of faux taxidermy and trophy mounts as household décor, I decided to think outside the (non-existent) box and mount something mayhaps not wildly (or at all) considered a trophy.  Besides, our new place needed something ridiculous…

Let’s behead a lawn flamingo shall we? Turns out lopping off the head of a lawn flamingo isn’t easy work. The conversation went something like this:

Me (yelling from the kitchen): “Baby, do we have anything stronger than this bread knife?”
Husband (with concern in his voice): “I think there’s a hack saw in the garage – dare I ask what you need it for?”
Me: “You’ll see.”

After spending a ½ hour searching our impeccably organized garage, we still couldn’t find the saw at which point I suggested “let’s hit the hardware store and I’ll sweet-talk somebody there into cutting it off for me–they’ve cut lots of things for me before.” So, off to the hardware store we went.

Convo in the hardware store went something like this:

Me (asking with flirt in my eyes): “Any chance you’d lop off the head of this lawn flamingo for me? …c’mon it’ll be fun!”
Hardware store dude: “Um we’re not really supposed to make cuts if you didn’t buy it here.” (…shoots a glance to my husband who stood there 80% intrigued and 20% slightly embarrassed)
Husband: “Dude don’t look at me, I have no idea what she’s up to, but honestly I’m just as curious to find out.”
Me: I did buy it here, it’s just been sauntering around my yard for a year.
Hardware store dude (reluctantly): “Alright follow me.”

Hardware Store Dude (...grumbling "I should have said 'no'")

Hardware Store Dude (…grumbling “I should have said ‘no'”)

With some washi tape (that I’ve never worked with before and now want to stick to everything) and various bits I already had lying around in my craft supplies, we now have this adorning our wall. My husband even offered to get out his drill to hang it and walked around the place strategically suggesting various places it should go including, “how about here in the bathroom, there’s lots of whimsy in here already” – to which I replied “there’s lots of whimsy everywhere, let’s find a better place.”

It eventually found its home in our dining room not for any particular reason than why not hang a flamingo head in the dining room?!

Trophy Mount

Who Says Flamingos can't adorn your dining room?

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